On October 18-19, 2018, BRN collaborated its third international meeting:  “Sleep: The Fourth Pillar of Health”

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An initiative of Biocat and “la Caixa” Foundation, this B·DEBATE is organized by the Global Observatory for Healthy Sleep, the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida and AdSalutem Institute, and seeks to promote an open discussion between researchers, clinicians, social and cultural leaders and organizations, business and unions representatives, politicians and media, to raise awareness on the importance of quality sleep in health and disease. To accomplish this goal, this B·DEBATE will address pressing questions on sleep research and its impact on society. These include the use of big data and wearable technologies in sleep research, monitoring and policy making, the emerging role of informed patients in diagnosis and decision making, the multifaceted impact of sleep in productivity and economics, the important role of sleep as a comorbid condition in multiple diseases and the importance of sleep in understudied and vulnerable populations, such as infants and the elderly. The debate will close with a summary session on “Sleep for healthy ageing” assessing how research, analysis, training and dissemination initiatives can be leveraged to effect sociopolitical changes on the perception of quality sleep and sleep-related disorders.


Talk 1

Implications of genomics information for sleep

Talk  2

Digital methods to adress sleep and its disorders

Talk 3

Big data approach to sleep in the Catalonian population

Talk 4

Big data solutions for healthy sleep

Talk 5

Sleep Myths and Realities: Lessons from hunter-gatherers

Talk 6

Climate change and sleep

Talk 7

Sleep Smart City

Talk 8

Impact of societal norms on sleep

Talk 9

European regulations and road safety

Talk  10

Impact on a global scale: the business of sleep

Talk 11

Sleep and industrial productivity

Talk  12

Maximizing productivity through sleep interventions

Talk 13

Sleep and cardio-metabolism

Talk  14

Old problems, new diseases

Talk 15

Cancer and sleep

Talk 16

Personalized chronobiology: the future of Health Care

Talk  17

Sleep in pregnancy and newborn

Talk 18

Sleep in teenagers & young adults

Talk 19

Sleep and scholar performance

Talk  20

Healthy sleep habits across ages

Talk 21

Sleep and cognitive preservation

Talk 22

Effect of circadian rhythms in health

Talk  23

Diet and sleep

Talk 24

Sleep and athletic performance

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