Catalan COPD Ventilation Register (CatCoVeR)

Catalan COPD Ventilation Register (CatCoVeR)


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Hospital Clínic / PDMAR /REDISSEC

Dra. Ana Córdoba

Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge

Dra. Ana Balañá

Hospital del Mar

Dra. Paola Carmona

Hospital Arnau de Vilanova

Dr. Antonio Antón

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Dr. Manel Luján

Hospital Parc Taulí

Dra. Eva Farrero

Hospital de Bellvitge

Dra. Juana Martínez Llorens

Hospital del Mar

Dr. Sergi Martí

Hospital Vall d’Hebron

Dra. Cristina Embid

Hospital Clínic

Dra. Julia Tárrega

Hospital de Granollers

Dra. Mireia Espallargues


Dr. Ramon Farré

Barcelona University / IDIBAPS / CIBERES


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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the fourth cause of death in the world. Several descriptive studies suggest that home mechanical ventilation (HMV) improves survival and quality of life of hypercapnic COPD patients. Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) both are logistically complex and have well-known generalizability limitations. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, the number of COPD patients on HMV is increasing in most countries. Thus, a different strategy is needed to assess the potential benefits of HMV.
This project hypothesizes that the multidisciplinary involvement of clinicians, healthcare authorities (through AQuAS), industry and patients will allow to gather comprehensive information of all stakeholders in a single database (“curated database of COPD patients on HMV”), with around 500 COPD patients in Catalonia, in order to: a) describe their clinical course (prospective observational study), b) find subgroups of patients (clusters) with shared characteristics and c) interrogate the curated database using a cohort multiple randomized controlled trial design (cmRCT), which allows the design of RCTs in specific subgroups of patients in whom complete information is available, so recruitment will be short and easy. The investigation of the potential benefits of high pressure ventilator settings would be a cmRCT prototype. Patient perspective will be considered since the beginning of the study. This novel research strategy will provide useful information for both patient care and design of health care services.


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