The Foundation

BRN mission and values

BRN’s mission is to promote and streamline research and innovation in respiratory health, encouraging cooperation between different public and private actors (hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical and health technology industry) and involving civil society by:

  • Promote projects of excellence that provide valuable innovation.
  • Attract investment, boost economic activity and generate wealth and well-being.
  • Become an international benchmark.
  • Promote research training and encourage the dissemination of knowledge.

BRN’s values are: Scientific excellence, Network research, International vocation and Transfer to society.

Strategic goals of BRN

  • Increase the quantity and quality of respiratory health research.
  • Increase the transfer of results of research activities in clinical practice, in collaboration with health-related industries.
  • Attract high-level international researchers in respiratory health.
  • Increase the international presence of researchers from centers dedicated to respiratory health in the area of influence of Barcelona.
  • Include respiratory health as a strategic line within the research budgets of Public Administrations.
  • Contribute to attracting companies and foreign investment in Barcelona, as a focus for research and innovation in respiratory health.

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