BRN Seminar 10: Biomarkers in Respiratory Diseases

BRN Seminar 10: Biomarkers in Respiratory Diseases

Data: 09/05/19
Lloc: Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, Edifici Montseny (Room Geron 3, planta -1). Av. Vallcarca, 169-205, Barcelona.

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15:50h Brief introduction to the Seminar contents & objectives. Dr. Esther Barreiro & Dr. Eduard Monsó.


Chair: Dr. Xavier Muñoz

16:00h Biomarkers in COPD: are we still far from finding the correct biomarker to monitor response to therapy? YES: Dr. Salud Santos & NO: Dr. Arturo Huerta.


Chair: Dr. Arturo Huerta

16:00h Biomarkers in asthma: do they have already implications to therapy? YES: Dr. Ebymar Arismendi & NO: Dr. Xavier Muñoz.


Chair: Dr. Salud Santos

17:00h Biomarkers in interstitial lung diseases: is it possible to monitor and better treat the patients? YES: Dr. Maria Molina-Molina & NO: Dr. Jacobo Sellarés

17:30h Coffee Break


Chair: Dr. Maria Molina-Molina

18:00h Novel biomarkers in pulmonary hypertension: therapeutic implications nowadays? YES: Dr. Antonio Roman & NO: Dr. Diego Rodríguez

SESSION V. Featured speaker

Chair: Dr. Esther Barreiro

18:30h Novel biomarkers in lung cancer: implications in the clinics and therapy. Dr. Eduard Monsó


Chairs: Dr. Eduard Monsó & Dr. Antonio Roman

19:00h General discussion about future projects that could be presented to several private and public agencies on the basis of the knowledge gathered from the different presentations.

19:30h Wrap up and conclusions. End of the Seminar.

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