24. Sleep and athletic performance

Scott Kutscher.
Redwood City, USA


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Sleep and Performance in Elite Athletes

Elite athletes are increasingly leveraging the principles of sleep science to enhance recovery, improve performance, and prevent injury. This session will review the most recent literature on sleep and performance in athletics and common challenges athletes face in optimizing sleep.  Attendees will understand how providers can use the principles of sleep science to work with athletes, trainers, and coaches at all levels of competition, including how homeostatic and circadian drives influence athletic performance, and the relationship between sleep and athlete wellbeing. Participants will know the presentation and management of common sleep disorders in athlete populations and will be provided a practical framework for leveraging sleep science to improve performance in elite athlete populations.


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Scott Kutscher is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. As a board certified Neurologist and Sleep Specialist, he has an understanding of the full spectrum of sleep disorders, with a special focus on sleep in human performance and neurodegenerative diseases. He has worked with individual athletes as well as teams on optimizing sleep to improve athletic performance, and conducted research as a PI or co-investigator on athletes in roles that have included recruitment, education, study design and execution, and data analysis.

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