17. sleep in pregnancy and newborn

Mariluz Alonso-Álvarez.
Burgos, Spain


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Sleep in pregnancy and newborn

Significant physiological changes occur in women during pregnancy. For most women, altered sleep is one of the physiologic changes occurring during pregnancy. But in order to assess these physiological changes, we need to know what constitutes Healthy Sleep in each trimester of pregnancy, therefore, it is necessary to consider Sleep as a Pillar of Health and to assess the potential benefits of a Healthy Sleep.

Another important aspect to consider is how sleep disturbances during pregnancy affect the status health of the pregnant woman and the child. In 2000, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recognized sleep disorders associated with pregnancy as a separate entity defined as the occurrence of insomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness in the course of pregnancy.

Sleep is essential for optimal health in children, is essential for healthy cognitive, psychosocial and physical health. Normal sleep in infancy is a physiological state with changes in brain activity. Sleep – wake regulation architecture, total sleep time and sleep staging evolve rapidly during the first year of life, with continued maturation across childhood. Although the ideal amount of sleep changes with age, recommendations about the duration of sleep are important, since the duration of sleep is related to a broad set of health indicators in children aged 0-4 years. Sleeping the number of recommended hours is associated with better health outcomes.


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Mª Luz Alonso-Alvarez received her PhD in 2002 from the University of Valladolid (Valladolid, Spain). She followed a training program in Respiratory Medicine at Hospital General Yagüe (Burgos, Spain). She followed an educational stay in Sleep Medicine in 1998. She was Honor Professor Universidad of Valladolid from 2014. Member of research Net CIBERES Instituto de Salud Carlos III and Member of Spanish Sleep Network. Expert in Sleep Medicine (CEAMS). Dra. Alonso’s research interests a wide spectrum of Sleep disordered breathing and sleep problems in both adults and in children. In recent years, her main research has focused on sleep disordered breathing in children. Dra. Alonso was coordinator of the National Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of OSAS in children in Spain (ArchBronc, 2011), and member of the European Task Force for the management of children with sleep disordered breathing (ERJ 2016, 2017). Dra. Alonso has participated as an Expert Advisor in Guidelines on Sleep Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence in Primary Care, of the Ministry of Health Social Policy and Equality. She has published more than 100 international peer-reviewed papers.

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