10. Impact on a global scale: the business of sleep

Oliver Smith.
Barcelona, Spain


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Impact on a global scale: the business of sleep

There are over 300,000 health apps available. But why is digital health still failing to deliver its promise? This presentation will describe the trends in the digital health market, look at some of the approaches being applied to create global business, and suggest a new approach that marries the best of science and design-thinking.


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Oliver Smith is responsible for overall strategy within Telefonica Alpha’s Health Moonshot, alongside establishing and maintaining strong partnerships, and business model development. He has extensive experience in strategy and innovation across a range of sectors. Before joining Alpha he was Director of Strategy and Innovation at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, responsible for investing £100m over five years in innovations across acute, primary, and integrated care, and biomedical research and digital health. He was a Senior Civil Servant in the UK Department of Health; responsible for UK Tobacco Control Policy, and wrote the government’s first comprehensive childhood obesity strategy. Oliver was also a Policy Adviser in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit under Tony Blair. He has a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from Oxford University.

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