Dr. Ramon Farré » Directori BRN

Institutional affiliation

Research: Web: IDIBAPS (Respiratory biophysics and bioengineering Group) Educational: Web: UB (Universitat de Barcelona)


Feina UB Faculty of Medicine Casanova, 143, 5th floor Barcelona 08036
Phone: : 934024515

Dr. Ramon Farré

Fields of interest

Mechanical properties of the airways and lung tissues, alterations of the mechanical function, sleep apnea syndrome, mechanical ventilation, chronic respiratory failure, mechanical behavior of the respiratory system, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Expertise / technical skills

  • Lung function, respiratory mechanics, cell mechanical properties, nanotechnology, upper airway, biophysical mechanisms, regenerative medicine, lung bioengineering.
  • Atomic Force Microscopy , Magnetic Tweezers, Cell stretching, Surface Micro/Nano-patterning, Live cell fluorescence microscopy, Traction Microscopy, Cell culture, Respiratory mechanics techniques, Animal models of mechanical ventilation, Animal models of obstructive sleep apnea, Organ decellularization, Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells, Murine embryonic stem cells.

Type of research:

Type of research: Basic, Translational

5 Main publications

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