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Institutional affiliation

Clinical: Web: Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona) Research: Web: IBB Sant Pau / CREC (Asthma Group) Educational: Web: UAB (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona)


Feina Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau Sant Quintí, 89 4th floor, module 2 (Pneumology Dept.), building A Barcelona 08026
Phone: : 935565968

Dr. Oriol Sibila

Fields of interest

Pulmonary infections, Bacterial colonization, Community-acquired Pneumonia, non-CF Bronchiectasis, COPD, Innate immunity, Regenerative medecine, Non-invasive diagnostic methods.

Expertise / Technical Skills

  • Pulmonary defense mechanisms (Mucins, antimicrobial peptides, Toll-like receptors) in chronic lung diseases.
  • Clinical: Severity of illness in Community-acquired pneumonia, Impact of corticosteroid treatment (inhaled and systemic) in pneumonia, Comorbidities in COPD, Clinical outcomes in bronchiectasies, P. aeruginosa pulmonary infection.
  • Determination of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) smellprints using an electronic nose.
  • Molecular biology techniques: ELISA, western-blot, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, rt-PCR, epigenetics.

Type of research:

Type of research: Basic, Clinical, Translational

5 Main Publications

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