Dr. Jordi Dorca » Directori BRN

Institutional affiliation

Clinical: Web: Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge (Hospitalet de Llobregat) Research: Web: IDIBELL (Pneumology Group) Educational: Web: UB (Universitat de Barcelona)


Feina Hospital Universitari Bellvitge Feixa Llarga s/n Pneumology Dept. Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) 08907
Phone: : 932607197

Dr. Jordi Dorca

Fields of interest

Lung infections, respiratory inflammatory response.

Expertise / technical skills

  • Epidemiology of community respiratory infections: pneumonia, nontuberculous mycobacterial infections, chronic bronchial sepsis, pathophysiology of pulmonary inflammatory response triggered by innate immunity.
  • Endobronchial and percutaneous techniques for obtaining lung samples for microbiological studies.

Type of research:

Type of research: Clinical, Epidemiology, Translational

5 Main publications

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