Dra. Esther Barreiro » Directori BRN

Institutional affiliation

Clinical: Web: Hospital del Mar (Barcelona) Research: Web: IMIM (Molecular Mechanisms of Lung Cancer Predisposition Research Group) Educational: Web: UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


Feina URMAR, IMIM, PRBB Doctor Aiguader, 88 Barcelona 08003
Phone: : 933160385

Dra. Esther Barreiro

Fields of interest

COPD comorbidities, cancer-induced cachexia, lung cancer in COPD patients, muscle function and mass maintenance, muscle structure, oxidative stress, inflammation, signaling pathways, epigenetics, proteolysis, autophagy, apoptosis, mitochondrial function, animal models.

Espertise/technical skills

  • Clinical and epidemiological assessment.
  • Physiology: Pulmonary Function Testing, General exercise testing, Respiratory MMuscle Function, Limb muscle function, In vitro muscle contractility studies (in animals).
  • Muscle Biopsies: Open muscle biopsies, Needle muscle microbiopsies.
  • Animal Experiments: animal model of endotoxemia, animal model of pneumonia, animal model of chronic respiratory loading, Animal model of lung cancer, Animal model of acute and prolonged immobilization of a single hind-limb.
  • Molecular Biology Experiments: Skeletal muscle fibres, Gene expression, Proteins.

Type of research:

Type of research: Clinical, Epidemiology, Translational

5 Main Publications

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